Seven Courtyads

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Movie Duration Time: 
7:00 - 9:00

Rainbow Theater

Seven Courtyads
Semir Aslanyyuirek

In Antioch, courtyards are separated from streets by high walls and their doors are always closed. In Antioch, every courtyard is a world in and of its own. Among its inhabitants are Turks, Arabs, Christians, Jews, Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, Alevites, Sunni Muslims... And a different language is spoken in every courtyard. Eleni is a 27 year-old, beautiful yet rather rumpled woman of Greek origin. She has three daughters ages nine, seven and five. After her husband's death, she has been alienated by her neighbors. Men have stopped speaking to her in order to avoid bad reputation while the women do the same intending to keep her away from their husbands. Imprisoned in her own courtyard with her daughters, Eleni makes up excuses to go over to her neighbors' courtyards every evening for some companionship... In her neighborhood, there are seven courtyards on the same street. As is the case every evening, Eleni visits seven courtyards this time in search of a piece of lemon. After a long explanation, she asks for the lemon, despite the fact that there is lemon at each courtyard, nobody gives her any and slams the door to her face because every courtyard has its own tragedy to deal with...

100 min
Language: Turkish
Subtitled: Arabic

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