Cultural Forum
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Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation strives to create the proper climate for the interaction of leaders of intellectual and scientific projects. In this context, Abdul Hameed Shoman Cultural Forum is a free platform that hosts the most pronounced Arab intellectuals, scientists, educators and innovators, and the Forum’s activities attract Jordanian and Arab intellectual forces.

The Forum was established in 1986 (called Scientific and Cultural Center then) with the goal of creating a platform where intellectuals, researchers and persons of expertise can meet with the public to review and debate intellectual, political, economic, social and cultural issues that concern citizens and the homeland, in addition to have a view of international issues.

By undertaking these activities, Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation seeks to accomplish two essential objectives: encourage and facilitate the exchange of information and dissemination of knowledge on the one hand, and encourage democratic debate as one of the means to deal with challenges that confront the Arab nation on the other.

Abdul Hameed Shoman Cultural Forum, therefore, is the Foundation’s connection to Arab and Jordanian public, represented by its offers of lectures, seminars and other activities. The Foundation has constantly worked to maintain production of public lectures, and is keen, at the same time, on having these cover various subjects in a serious worthwhile manner, within an all-encompassing criteria. Moreover, the Forum facilitates the dissemination of works covered by these lectures for the public’s maximum advantage.

The distinguished standards of lectures, and efforts to openly tackle modern intellectual issues, while simultaneously caring for issues of heritage and traditions, have earned the Forum a prominent position as a center for culture in Jordan and throughout the Arab world. Activities and lectures sponsored by the Forum are given by intellectual, cultural and professional personalities from Jordan and other Arab countries who are renowned in their fields of expertise. The Forum sponsors many activities and programs that include: “Monday Lectures” given every week, “Debates”, held monthly, in addition to holding specialized seminars and “Guest of the Year” program. All these activities are open to the public, and Arabic is the language used.

  • Monday Lecture
    Held every Monday and covers subjects of concern to the nation, and Jordanian and Arab citizens. Lecturers are from Jordan or other Arab countries, and introduced to the public by leading individuals in thought, politics or culture in general.
  • Debate of the Month
    A number of professors renowned in their respective fields, from Jordan or other Arab countries, are invited to discuss and debate issues that concern Arab society. The format is that of a roundtable discussion to which a number of experts are invited.
  • Quarterly Seminar
    The Foundation has lately concentrated on presenting specialized seminars in which a number of researchers and experts participate. Therefore, a new specialized quarterly seminar was established that deals with important literary and political subjects. Many of these seminars, which tackle important topics, have been held so far with the participation of experts from Jordan and other Arab countries.
  • Guest of the Year
    Since 1997 the Foundation has adopted this program that aims at honoring renowned leaders who made great contributions and created profound impact on society in the various intellectual, literary, scientific and cultural domains. This has been done within the framework of a seminar that gathers a group of professors and researchers who have connections with, or interest in the ideas and work of the person honored
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