The Abdul Hameed Shoman submits the selected works of Children’s Literature to the Scientific Committee


The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation has transferred the works of the participants in its recent session of the Children’s Literature Prize to the jury that was recently formed by the Higher Committee of the Prize consisting of an elite group of authors in literature, criticism and the field of children’s literature. The Foundation has closed the door for participation at its 15th edition which was devoted for "Diary of a Boy/Girl" adressed to the age group 10-14 years. According to the Foundation, 719 applications were submitted for the award, including 435 completed applications, and 285 incomplete applications, meaning that the application process was not fully completed by the participant. The award is presented in its recent edition by participants from 19 Arab countries and 12 non-Arab countries. The most participating countries were: Jordan 24%, Egypt 17%, Syria 11%, Tunisia, Algeria and Palestine 8% each, Iraq and Morocco 6% each, Lebanon 2%, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Qatar, Kuwait, Libya, UAE, Mauritania and Yemen 1% each. As for the governorates of Jordan most active in participating, they are "Amman 68%, Irbid 9%, Zarqa 5%, Balqa, Jerash, Tafileh, Karak, Madaba and Mafraq 3% each. The submitted works were prone to the first screening stage to ensure that they comply with the guidelines of the award. Moreover, 83 applications who did not meet the standards of the award were excluded, while the rest of the works were transferred to a highly specialized committee for the final say and sorting the winning works in the first three ranks. The Foundation puts forth that the names of the award winning participants will be announced during the forthcoming November. To be followed in this regard, the criteria for which evaluating the works is based on are language, style, content, ideas, as well as novelty, creativity, the originality of the work, and the artistry in addressing the idea. The CEO of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, Valentina Kassisieh, confirmed that the works are confidentially subject to assessment by the committee according to the highest standards of transparency, and without a prior knowledge of the names and countries. Therefore, the winning work is the the text which has the merit to win without any other interfering factors. Even though the CEO wished all the participants success and the best of luck, Kassisiah stressed the fact that losing the contest does not entail these works lack creativity and originality. Eventually, it is necessary to shortlist the most creative three works and eliminating otherwise, thereby inviting everyone to try and apply for the award in all forthcoming editions. Shoman has been working since 2006 to organize this annual award for writers in the Arab world and around the globe. It is awarded once a year in the field of children's literature in one of the literary arts: Story, poetry, novel, dramatic text. The award consists of a certificate in the name of the winner and the topic he won and a shield bearing the award’s name and logo, in addition to an amount of (18) thousand Jordanian Dinars, distributed among: The First Place: (10) thousand dinars, second place: (5) thousand dinars, and the third place: (3) thousand dinars. The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, The Arab Bank’s Cultural and Social Responsibility arm, is a non-profit organization that invests in knowledge, cultural and social creativity contributing to the advancement of societies in the Arab world through leadership thought, literature, arts and innovation.