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The Library aims to continuously develop its services and facilities to meet the needs of its visitors and subscribers. The Library provides the following free services and facilities: 

Lending and Subscriptions

Subscribers are permitted to borrow three books for two weeks, which can be extended for another two weeks only one time.

Subscription to the Library is open to individuals, families, and institutions (specific conditions apply). The Library has over 51,000 subscribers given the ideal environment and facilities that meet their needs, and the help provided by employees and librarians at the Library.

Subscription Benefits

  1. Borrow out books.
  2. Reserve the meeting room.
  3. Use electronic databases (articles and books) from outside the Library.
  4. A free subscription to the Knowledge Path for children under the age of 16 (Family Subscription).
  5. Priority registration in workshops and training courses.
  6. Using Internet devices.

Subscription terms and conditions

Individual/Family subscription

  1. Filling the subscription form
  2. The subscriber must be older than 16 years.
  3. A copy of an identification document (national ID or passport).
  4. A security deposit of ten Jordanian Dinars (returnable).
  5. As for non-Jordanians: A valid residence permit. For those who do not fulfill the residency requirements, a student or work permit must be provided.

Institutional Subscription

  1. Filling the subscription form 
  2. An official letter from the institution expressing interest in subscribing to the Library. The letter shall include the name of the institution’s representative.
  3. A security deposit of ten Jordanian Dinars (returnable). 

Search in Library Resources 

You can search in Abdul Hameed Shoman Public Library’s index using one of two ways: Simple and Advanced Search. Click here to search in the Library’s resources. If the required material cannot be found, you can request the Library to provide it by clicking here.

Ask the Librarian

If you wish to obtain certain research materials, complete the research request form and send it to MainLibrary@shoman.org.jo . This will enable us to electronically provide you with the available Library material suitable for your research.

Book Reviews

The Library is keen on receiving various book and title reviews through the book review form. The reviews will be published on the Foundation’s website.

Electronic Databases

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Public Library is subscribed to many databases, including thousands of periodicals on various subjects and topics, most of which are provided in full texts. Among the most important databases are the following:

EBSCO database_

Wireless Internet Service (WIFI)

The Library provide high-quality, fast and free wireless internet services all throughout the establishment to meet the needs of the Library’s visitors. 

Internet Devices

The Library provides computers to its “subscribers” who wish to benefit from them and the internet services through them.

Database Devices

The Library provides devices to its visitors that are fully equipped with databases that encompass thousands of periodicals, electronic books, and audio books in various subject areas.


This service is available at a nominal fee.


The Abdul Hameed Shoman Public Library seeks to provide all means of knowledge to its subscribers. In addition to providing physical books, the Library allows visitors to borrow audiobooks.

The Sidewalk “Al-Raseef” Library

This initiative was launched on the footpath in front of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Public Library headquarters in Jabal Amman. Through this initiative, the Foundation aims to encourage reading and providing books for all, and to promote the culture of giving, cultural exchange, and community communication. This Sidewalk Library is comprised of bookshelves, updated every day with various books for both adults and children.

The Meeting Room

 The Library provides a quiet closed space through which a group of its subscribers can use in their meetings in a way that will not affect other visitors in the Library.

The meeting room shall have the following policies and guidelines:

  1. The meeting room shall not be used for political or party-affiliated activities.
  2. The number of meeting-room users should be 3-8.
  3. Subscribers book the room by presenting their membership card and filling the reservation form.
  4. The room shall be booked by an authorized employee well in advance of the meeting time, stating the purpose of the meeting.
  5. The room cannot be used for more than 3 hours.
  6. Kindly adhere to the meeting time and duration.
  7. All attendees are obliged to maintain the items in the meeting room, and to follow the Library’s and the employees’ directions.

Rumi at the Library

The Library has opened a branch of Rumi Cafe within the establishment to provide a cozy atmosphere and a satisfying taste to its visitors.