A poetry evening at Shoman Foundation for the two poets Al-Bayatna and Al-Mubarak


The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, The Arab Bank’s Cultural and Social Responsibility arm, hosted a poetry evening by the two poets Duaa Al-Bayatna and Amani Al-Mubarak, presented by Abdullah Al-Zoubi with musical accompaniment with musician Hammam Eid Al-Qanun. It was filmed live on Zoom and the official Facebook account of the foundation. The two poets, Al-Bayatna and Al-Mubarak, read a number of their poems, which comes within poetry evenings organized by the Abdul Hameed Shoman Public Library. The poet Al-Bayatneh started off the evening with her poems, the most notable of which are “Inqhelab Mashaeri”, “Khareetah”, “Maktabt Al-Ful”, “Thabat Thati”, Wajhi Bi Wajhik”, “Bayan Onthawi” and “Qabeel Yabki”. Meanwhile, the poet Al-Mubarak recited a collection of poems, including patriotic ones, and others bearing the titles "Mawsem Al-Atash", "Malameh Al-Dahshah", "The Bohemian" and "Khatee’at Al-Zel". It is noteworthy that the poet Al-Bayatneh is a poet and academic who holds a doctorate in literature and modern criticism from the University of Jordan. She published a collection of poems entitled “Aikoonat Al-Sawt Al- Akheer” in 2011. She worked as a Lecturer at the University of Jordan and Princess Sumaya University for Technology. As for the poet Amani Al-Mubarak, she obtained a BA degree in history from Yarmouk University. She writes poetry, prose and short stories. She published a book entitled "Khatee’at Al-Zalam" has been, and she will be soon publishing a collection of short stories entitled "Iqrani Li Tarak". Hammam Eid, a musician and player of a number of oriental musical instruments, including the Oud, works in composing and arranging. He is also a member of several bands, and a member of the Arabic Music Library team, which won the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation Innovation Award in 2020.