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Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation Arab Researchers Award

Winners will be announced in November 2022

As the first Arab award concerned with scientific research and celebrating Arab researchers; The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, the arm of the Arab Bank for Cultural and Social Responsibility, launched the Arab Researchers' Award in 1982, in an effort to support and highlight scientific research throughout the Arab world, and to participate in preparing and inspiring a generation of Arab researchers, experts and specialists in various scientific fields, in light of the limited capabilities of the Institutions, universities, and individuals.

After winning the Award, several of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Arab Researchers' Award winners went on to achieve notable scientific breakthroughs, and some of them went on to hold prominent or public positions in their countries. This award stands out among the scientific honors bestowed in the Arab world. Because it promotes the dissemination of scientific research and the development of practical solutions to real-world problems.

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Arab Researchers' Award has a solid reputation in Arab academic circles and has been able to maintain objectivity and respect among Arab researchers over its 38-year history.

This award is given in recognition of an outstanding scientific output whose distribution and dissemination contributes to an increase in scientific and applied knowledge, as well as solving priority problems locally, regionally and globally, and the dissemination of a culture of scientific research. This is done in six basic disciplines, with the award's scientific committee deciding on two different ideas for each field each year.

Award Fields

  • Medical and Health Sciences
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Basic Sciences
  • Humanitarian, Social and Educational Sciences
  • Economics and Administration Sciences
  • Agriculture and Technology. 

Award's History

1982: Launch of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Young Arab Researchers - 4 awards covering 4 knowledge specialties, worth JOD 3 thousand each

1983: 5 awards

1984: 7 awards

1991: 9 awards

1993: 10 awards worth JOD 5 thousand each

1995: 12 awards

2002: 6 awards, worth USD 10 thousand each. The maximum age limit for the candidates increased from 40 to 45 years

2011: 6 awards, worth USD 15 thousand each

2013: New Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Arab Researchers’ foundations were laid:

  1. All researchers’ categories are now allowed to be nominated, without any age restriction.
  2. The Award was renamed to the “Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Arab Researchers”.
  3. All scientific specializations were confined to six main fields, instead of twelve.

2014: 12 awards, increasing the Award's prize to $20,000.
201735 years of support to the scientific research and Arab researchers.

2018: 36 years of support to the scientific research and Arab researchers.

2019: 37 years of support to the scientific research and Arab researchers.

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Award Components 

The award has neutrality and credibility among Arab researchers, as well as a positive reputation in Arab academic circles, with each winner receiving a $20,000 prize.

  • His Excellency Prof. Dr. Amin Mahmoud - Chairman

Georgetown University, Washington, awarded him a Ph.D. in Modern History and Contemporary International Relations. He held a number of academic leadership positions as well as ministerial positions in the fields of education and culture. He also served in the Senate for two terms, chairing the first session's Arab and International Affairs and Expatriate Affairs Committee. He has a number of studies that have been published in Arabic and English, as well as numerous papers and talks that he has given at local and international forums and workshops.

  • His Excellency Prof. Tawfiq Arafat - Member

He holds a doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Wales in the United Kingdom and is the Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology at the University of Petra in Jordan. He is the recipient of numerous honors and has a substantial body of work published in international refereed journals. He helped to establish pharmacy faculties at both the University of Jordan and the University of Petra. He also had a role in the founding of the Jordanian Center for Pharmaceutical Research.

  • Her Excellency Prof. Razan Ibrahim - Member

She holds a Ph.D. in Modern Literary Criticism from the University of Jordan. She is currently a modern literature and criticism professor at the University of Petra, Jordan. She is passionate about cultural studies, particularly its critique of feminist studies, postcolonial studies, and numerous translation concerns. She is particularly interested in the problems and issues surrounding the Arabic novel, and she has taken part in numerous cultural activities including children's literature. She has numerous articles and research papers in peer-reviewed journals. She has also spoken at scientific conferences and served on numerous arbitration bodies in various Arab countries.

  • His Excellency Prof. Abdullah Malkawi - Member

The University of Akron/Ohio State in America awarded him a Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering. Geotechnical Engineering postdoctoral study at Virginia Tech. Currently serving as President of Saudi Arabia's Prince Fahd Bin Sultan University. Jordan University of Science and Technology's former president. Many of his studies have been published in peer-reviewed publications and at international conferences. Chairman of the National Dams Committee and member of the Royal Water Committee. Jordanian Journal of Civil Engineering's former Editor-in-Chief. In the Bahrain Conveyor Project, he worked as a consultant for the World Bank (Red Sea - Dead Sea). Member of the University of Sharjah's Board of Trustees. He is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Al-Isra University in Jordan and holds an honorary doctorate from Al-Farabi University.

  • His Excellency Prof. Mustafa Yassin - Member

Holder of Ph.D. in Computer Science from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, USA. He is currently employed as a senior advisor and member of the board of directors of the Technical Company for Technology Localization, which has offices in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. A database and information systems expert who is in charge of business development, strategic planning, and overseeing the development of contemporary technology in a group of institutions. In addition to being a member of a number of advisory and scientific committees at various universities. He spent 25 years in the academic profession. For two cycles, he served on the Higher Education Accreditation Council and as an advisor to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Information and Communication Technology.

  • His Excellency Prof. Walid Deeb - Member

A doctorate in mathematics from the State University of New York in the United States. In the fields of mathematics and critical thinking, he has authored numerous research papers and publications. He was a founding member of the University of Petra and served as Dean of the College of Science, as well as the first president of the Arab American University in Jenin, Palestine. He was a member of the Accreditation, Quality, and Quality Commission, the Palestinian Higher Education Council, and other university boards of trustees. In the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Qatar, he worked as an accreditation and quality consultant for a number of universities and colleges. He is currently an academic advisor to the Arab American University and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Technical Group for Educational and Administrative Consultations, which is dedicated to instilling a critical thinking culture in the Arab world's educational system.


You can view the award instructions for this course by clicking here.

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Arab Researchers Award Manual

Winners will be announced in November 2022


Arbitration committees formed by the award's scientific committee with expertise and sufficiency shall evaluate the scientific output submitted and accepted for the award based on criteria that guarantee the objectivity and credibility of the award's results, and their decisions are final and may not be appealed. The committees make choices that result in the awarding of prizes or the withholding of awards.

If any of the following is confirmed to the scientific committee, it has the right to withdraw the award from the winner:
- Violation of any of the award conditions announced in the nomination invitation.

- Violation of the ethics of scientific research in the submitted scientific output.

- Any other breach that the scientific authority deems appropriate.

Picking the Winners

1- Preliminary screening of the works submitted for the award, to verify that the conditions of the award apply to them and the completion of the candidacy application.

2- Referring the works that comply with the conditions to the arbitration committees to study and prepare their reports on these works.

3- Selecting the winners or withholding some prizes during the committee meeting in Amman - Jordan.


Award Components

- A certificate that includes the name of the award, the name of the winner, and the field in which he won.

- A financial reward of (20,000) twenty thousand US dollars.

- A shield bearing the award's name and logo.

- If two winners deserve the same award, each of them is awarded a certificate and a shield, in addition to the financial reward that is divided equally between the winners.
- The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation announces the names of the award winners by appropriate means, on a date to be determined each year, and a special ceremony is held to award the award.


Nomination Conditions

  • The candidate must be of Arab nationality or of Arab origin.
  • The candidate must be alive at the time of his nomination.
  • The candidate must have presented to science and society a distinguished scientific product in the theoretical and applied fields during the five years preceding the candidacy, and it has been published in refereed scientific journals.
  • That the research submitted to the award was carried out in an Arab country, or was carried out in active participation with one or more researchers residing in an Arab country.
  • The candidate must send an abstract in both languages; Arabic and English for the scientific output submitted for the award.
  • The winner of one of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Awards for Arab Researchers in the past may not apply for the award again.
  • Research papers are accepted in both languages, Arabic or English.
  • Master’s and doctoral theses research are not included in the evaluation of the candidate’s scientific output.
  • The application for candidacy is submitted in one of the specializations listed within the announced award fields only, and this is specified in the nomination form.

Scientific output and documents are sent in one go, and any materials sent after that are not considered. The scientific output of the candidate shall not be returned, whether or not he won the award.

Members of the scientific committee and jury committees for the year in which the award is announced are not entitled to run for the award.

When Applying

When starting to fill out the nomination form, please kindly take the following things into consideration:

  • Fill in all the mandatory required fields of personal information, academic qualifications and scientific output.
  • Adding research based on importance when filling out the part of the scientific output, by adding the top 10 research papers first, and then adding the rest of the research, if any.
  • Ensure that all required attachments are present, and use the approved forms to fill out some of them in the electronic system.
  • Applications that do not comply with the conditions of the award, or incomplete applications, or those that arrive after the deadline for nomination has expired will not be considered.

Judging criteria

Criteria related to the distinction of the candidate

  • Participation in research activities (conferences, seminars, workshops,...) inside and outside the university.
  • His/Her contribution to community service through various activities.
  • His/Her ability to build local and foreign partnerships and attract financial and technical support for scientific research.
  • Supervising undergraduate and graduate students.

Criteria related to excellence in scientific production

  • The number of research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals as a principal researcher and as a co-researcher.
  • The cumulative impact factor of research.
  • The number of references to research (Citation).
  • The originality of the research and its scientific value.
  • The extent of its relationship to practical application and its impact on economic, social development and the environment in the Arab world.
  • The extent to which research contributes to a new addition to the global scientific accumulation in the field/topic it deals with.
  • Its alignment with global research and scientific trends.
  • Obtaining other awards in the field of scientific research.
  • The number of registered patents, if any.


You can view the award instructions for this course by clicking here.

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Arab Researchers Award Call For Application


The Scientific Committee of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Prize for Arab Researchers announces the opening of nominations for the award for the 2022 session (the fortieth session), which amounts to twenty thousand dollars. The award is given in appreciation of outstanding scientific output in the five years preceding the candidacy, the publication and dissemination of which leads to an increase in scientific and applied knowledge, contributes to solving priority problems locally, regionally and globally, and spreads the culture of scientific research, bearing in mind that the deadline for accepting nominations is March 31, 2022.

You can view the award manual for this course by clicking here.


Award Fields
The award is granted in the year 2022 (the fortieth session) in the following fields and topics:

Medical and Health Sciences

  • Bioinformatics applications with the advancement of science and technology
  • Advances in the treatment of mental illness and abnormalities

Engineering Sciences

  • The use of nanotechnology in engineering applications
  • Improving the performance of thermal energy systems by utilizing waste heat in water desalination, cooling, heating and electricity generation applications

Basic Sciences

  • Photochemistry
  • Classification of plants

Humanities, Social and Educational Sciences

  • Television and cinema drama in Arab societies
  • Archeology and ancient languages

Technological and Agricultural Sciences

  • The Internet of Things and its applications in various fields
  • Applications and theories in agriculture without soil

To be nominated for the award

Please read the terms of nomination for the Shoman Prize for Arab Researchers in the award manual, once you meet the conditions, you are welcome to submit your nomination for the award via the electronic system through the link, by following the following steps:

1- Create an account on the electronic system by clicking on the link and activating the account to enter the electronic system.

2- Entering personal data, contact information and address.

3- Entering the information of the scientific production submitted for the award.

4- Entering work information and academic qualifications.

5- Upload the required attachments and submit the application.

Abdul Hameed Shoman Arab Researchers Award was launched in 1982 till 2021. 454 researchers won from the middle east, you can find their names in the below files.


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