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Our Vision: 

The Film Department seeks to make cinematic art a vital part of the cultural scene in Jordan, by strengthening its role as an artistic, cultural, and educational medium that broadens the intellect. 

About Us: 

The Film Department was launched in 1989, when Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation formed a Film Committee comprised of a group of volunteer film experts and artists, to enhance the artistic activities in the institution through interactions with different Arab and international cultures, using the creative language of cinema, as one of the most central, widespread, influential, and interactive arts. 

In the film department, the committee works on selecting distinct films and debating them with the audience. A pamphlet containing information on the film and its producers is handed out to the audience to start a debate that delves into the film's artistic and intellectual content while gaining a better and deeper understanding of the work presented and the film's objective, resulting in lively and engaging discussions. 

In 1992, the success of the screening experiment led to a collaboration between the film department and the film committee that resulted in cinema becoming an integral part of the institution, which maintains its mission to spread film culture by continuously adding new, content and activities. 

Target group: 

The Film Department targets individuals aged 18 and above, who are interested in the film industry and movie production, in addition to film professionals and students. 

Achievements and Success Stories: 

The Film Department has hosted many distinguished Arab film critics and filmmakers, including film critic and researcher Mr. Samir Farid, directors Jean Chamoun and Mai Al-Masry, and others. In addition to many film guests attending seminars and workshops specialized in cinematic culture, including artist Ayman Zeidan, artist Aser Yassin, critic Muhammad Reda, writer Ahmed Murad, director Qais Al-Zubaidi, director Hamid Ben Amra, director Bahij Hojeij, director Fawzi Saleh, and others. (Photo Gallery) 

The Film Department of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation helped with the finding of the first Jordanian feature film: “Struggle in Jerash”, which was produced in 1957, and converted from 35 mm to a videotape to help preserve it.   The film was screened as part of a ceremony honoring the first pioneers of Jordanian Film. 


Film Committee 

About the Committee 

A committee of film experts and artists was established in 1989 to diversify the cultural activities in the institution and create an atmosphere of engagement with different cultures. The committee works on selecting distinct types of films and discussing them with the audience during the weekly shows, in addition to inviting Arab directors, hosting artists, to spread film culture in the community. 

Adnan Madanat 

Film director and researcher, Adnan holds a master's degree in television and documentary film from Moscow University in 1970. He directed the following documentaries: 

- "Sulaymaniyah Hospital" 1971 

- "A melody for several chapters" 1973 

- "Wedding Color" 1973 

- "News about Tal Al-Zaatar" 1976 

- "Palestinian Visions" 1977