• About the Forum

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Cultural Forum was founded in 1986, to serve as a free platform, allowing a wide audience to interact with eminent intellectuals, scientists, writers, poets, artists, politicians, economists, educators and innovators, so as to discuss ideas and share their creations. This is all carried out during weekly lectures and seminars that would contribute to the enrichment of the cultural life in Jordan and the Arab world as well.

Through its Cultural Forum, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation hosts local, Arab, international intellectual figures from all Arab countries and the world. These activities are subsequently documented in books published successively.

Through its activities, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Cultural Forum seeks to:

  • Promote and facilitate information exchange and knowledge dissemination.
  • Promote democratic dialogue, as a means to confront the challenges facing the Arab world.
  • Be open to contemporary thought-related issues, as well as promote and show an interest in heritage.
  • Be a cultural bridge between the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation and the Jordanian and Arab public, through the organization of lectures, seminars and other events as well.
  • Document the outputs of seminars and lectures in publications, which would enrich the Arabic content and serve a reference for researchers and stakeholders. In this respect, it is worth mentioning that more than 81 books on topics presented during the Forum’s seminars and periodic meetings have been published.

The Forum also encompasses many activities and programs, which include: The Monday’s Weekly Meeting, debates, discussion panels, specialized seminars, as well as the Guest of the Year and Guest of Honor Program, during which the Forum hosts prominent figures in the society to honor their important contributions and benefit from their experiences.