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In today's world, where complex and growing problems necessitate innovative solutions, it is critical to enable and support scientific research, as well as to strengthen the link between scientific research's objectives and outputs on the one hand, and the development and technological priorities of various sectors on the other, which requires directing scientific research toward innovation. Investing in scientific research and innovation is an investment in the future of societies, inspiring ideas and initiatives, and it is a method to address not just the essential necessities of each society, but also to motivate efforts toward a better future.

At the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, we believe that scientific research and researchers play a critical role in sharing information, broadening perceptions, and developing practical answers to society's most pressing issues and demands. The long-term social impact of applied scientific research, particularly that which recognizes the importance of diversity in the research team, alignment with development priorities, and innovation direction, invites us all to participate in supporting scientific research, recognizing researchers, and stimulating more scientific, technological, and societal innovation.

Philosophy of the fund

In line with the vision of AHSF in encouraging scientific research and researchers, Abdul Hameed Shoman Scientific Research Support Fund was established in 1999 to support applied scientific research that has an added value and conducted by researchers in Jordan. The fund also aims to encourage scientific research contributions within Higher Education and Scientific Institutions as well as collaborative research between international and national research centers.

This funding went to 140 research projects from 22 Jordanian universities and institutions, resulting in 175 scientific papers being published in peer-reviewed journals in the fields of medical and health sciences, engineering sciences, environmental and agricultural sciences, basic sciences, social and economic sciences and humanities, information technology and the digital economy.

The fund aims to support research that uses a systematic analysis of society's problems, basic needs, and economic, social, educational, cultural, environmental, and health aspirations to bring scientific and technical institutions closer to the surrounding communities, contributes to comprehensive development strategies, and facilitates Jordanian society's communication with advanced societies.

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Fund also aims to assist researchers in gaining access to new areas of science and experience, as well as to highlight the role of research centers and universities as platforms for disseminating knowledge, stimulating innovation, and finding solutions to local challenges in order to ensure a sustainable and promising future.

Fund's Objectives

  • Supporting applied scientific research of added value, carried out by researchers in Jordan, and leading to innovative solutions.
  • Encouraging scientific and research participation in higher education institutions, as well as cooperation with national and international research centers.
  • Directing researchers to address topics that would meet the needs of the Jordanian society and contribute to tackling local, economic, social and environmental challenges.

Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation Research Support Fund Manual

Application for The Year 2024 Are Now Open - Apply Now

Fund's Management

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Scientific Research Fund is managed by the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s scientific research Department. It is governed by a set of regulations, instructions and procedures and under the supervision of a special management committee, composed of a chairman and five members, including a selection of academics and researchers from universities, scientific and research institutions, and market experts. The scientific committee emerges from the fund management committee, which is composed of 3 academics whose mission is to review research proposals and provide the necessary recommendations to the Fund Management Committee to make decisions

Applicants’ Terms and Conditions

  • The applicant must be a resident of Jordan, regardless of their nationality.
  • The applicant must be working in a scientific, research or academic institution or center in Jordan.
  • The applicant must be a PhD holder.

Project’s Terms and Conditions

  • The project must be within Jordan’s Scientific Research National Priorities.
  • The project must be in line with the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s objectives and orientations in supporting scientific research.
  • The submitted research project must constitute an added value and thus, have a practical side.
  • A Master or Ph.D. theses, or graduation projects are not entitled to be submitted in this respect.
  • The "Research Project Funding Request Form" must be submitted through the online system.

General Provisions

  • The support provided by the Fund is limited to expenses and expenses related to the scientific research project, excluding recurrent administrative expenses.

  •     The affiliated research institute of the main researcher should provide at least 30% of the total value of the amount required to carry out the research as a contribution to the project (cash or in-kind).

  •   Incentives for the researcher(s) can be provided, but should not exceed 30% of the fund value, with a maximum of 2,000 Jordanian dinars if the research will be carried out within 12 months, and it may reach up to 4,000 Jordanian dinars if the research is carried out within 24 months.

  •     All applications must be filled out through the online system.  Applications sent via e-mail, mail, or official letters will be rejected.

  •     All information, documents, and forms via the online system should be fulfilled, any request that does not complete all the information will not be considered.

  •     The implementation of the funded research project should only start after AHSF approval and sighing the agreement.

  •     AHSF has the right to request amendments to the proposal or the budget, as it deems appropriate.

  •     AHSF reserves the right to apologize for any funding request without giving reasons.

  •     AHSF is not obligated to support all applications submitted to the Fund, even if it fulfils all the eligibility requirements.

  •     Applicants are strongly encouraged to watch the instructional videos (available on the Foundation's website and social media) to fill in the applications as accurately as possible.

  •    The support provided by the fund is limited to expenses and costs related to the scientific research project per se, excluding recurrent administrative expenses.

  •      Technical and financial reports should be submitted at each stage of the research by the principal researcher, on previous scheduled date for completing the deliverables of each stage. 

  •    The ownership of the results related to funded research project will be transferred to the main researcher and his/her scientific institution in equal proportions. 

  •     After the completion of the funded research project, the ownership of the funded equipment will be transferred to the scientific institution which the principal researcher is affiliated to.

  •     The main researcher is required to publish at least one research article related to the funded research project in one of peer reviewed scientific journals within 24 months from completing the research project. 

The Application Process
To apply for funding, please click here to go to the online system. The application process requires completing a set of forms and documents.

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You can view the list of scientific journals according to Scopus classification through this link

List of Published Researches 

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation is proud to present the first list of published research supported by the Abdul Hameed Shoman Fund to Support Scientific Research. From 2000 to 2023, the Fund provided around 1.6 million Jordanian dinars in direct support, and motivated our partners from academic and scientific institutions to provide about a quarter of a million Jordanian dinars to support scientific research in Jordan.
This support was directed to 139 research projects from 22 Jordanian universities and institutions, which resulted in the publication of 175 research published in various refereed journals, i.e. an average of 6 scientific papers published for every 4 supported and completed research, and a publication rate of 148.3%   for completed research. The fields of scientific research published and funded by the Abdul Hameed Shoman Research Fund to support scientific research varied as follows: 
35.4% in medical and health sciences, 23.4% in engineering sciences, 20%, 11.4% in agricultural sciences, 10.3% in basic sciences, 8.6% in environmental, water and energy sciences, 6.9% in humanities, social and economic sciences, and 4% in communications and technology. Information and digital economy. Published research plays a major role in enhancing and disseminating knowledge. Policies based on science and scientific research have been and will remain an important factor in shaping the future of peoples and establishing the economic and social directions of the public and private sectors.

By compiling and presenting this list, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation seeks to raise awareness among policy makers, business leaders and civil society organizations about supported research outputs, hoping that this will help to benefit from these outputs in improving the quality of life and providing more support for research and development in various sectors.

Today, we seek in the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation to maximize the desired impact of the Scientific Research Support Fund, and to focus its support on enabling scientific innovation by encouraging more applied research and cooperation between national research institutions and enhancing linkage with industry and other relevant authorities, in addition to responding to economic needs. local social and environmental.

The Foundation, as you have been accustomed to, continues to support scientific research and innovation and to highlight the impact of its community of distinguished scholars and researchers.

Thanks and appreciation

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation extends its gratitude and great appreciation to the researchers and the partner institutions that enabled us to contribute to some of Jordan's research and scientific achievements.

To view the list of published research papers from 2000-2023, please click here.