The Opening of the Handicrafts’ Exhibition for the Participants in the Summer Club at the Knowledge Path Library at “Shoman”


On thursday evening, the "Knowledge Path" library at the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation opened the exhibition of crafts and artistic works produced by children and young people participating in the activities of the summer club "A Mystery in the Library", which was organized by the library, and its works were recently concluded. The exhibition, which opens to the public today, Saturday and Sunday from four to seven in the evening, includes paintings and handicrafts that children and young people made during their time in the club, in addition to the works they produced during the “Diaries in the Library” training, where the Knowledge Path team was keen to develop the artistic, cultural and heritage sense of the children and young people involved in it as well as displaying the diaries written by the young people during the training of diaries in the library. The first day of the exhibition included the implementation of a variety of interactive activities and events with the audience, such as the storyteller's segment, Our Fingerprint is different and Follow Your Dream with Frida Kahlo, and Painting on the Mural. Chair of the Knowledge Path Library Department, Roaa Al-Halisi, declared that the exhibition aims to develop the idea that the library is a place for creativity and innovation, motivate picturing the culture of arts, enhance children's handcraft abilities as well as encourage reading and visiting the library. She added that the summer club is keen to provide participants and empower them with the most important skills of the twenty-first century, such as communication, cooperation, teamwork within a team, due to the Foundation's belief in the role of libraries in fostering children's and young people's skills including the clubs of Miss. Herfah, sensational learning, inventors, Mr Meteor, Technology Club, and Music. She indicated that the purpose of the activities implemented by the Knowledge Path Library is to create a self-aware generation capable of their potentiality to keep pace with what is happening around us in the world, noting in this regard the significance of the library in societies. What bears mentioning here is that the Knowledge Path is exemplified by the fact that it is not just a normal children’s library, but rather a vivid and free space where children find the room for exploring the world, unfolding the unknown, as well as practicing reading, and creative activities that excels at inspiring children, developing, and refining their innovative abilities by engaging them with a broad spectrum of cultural, artistic, and literary experiences stimulating their thoughts and feelings which help them figure out their own way of expressing themselves. Moreover, knowledge path library aims mainly at providing an imaginative, fruitful, and vital place for children wining the trust of their parents and achieving its goals. It is noteworthy that the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, The Arab Bank’s Cultural and Social Responsibility arm, is a non-profit organization that invests in knowledge, cultural and social creativity contributing to the advancement of societies in the Arab world through leadership, thought, literature, arts and innovation.