The Closure of the Summer Club Activities of the Shoman’s Knowledge Path Library in the Governorates


The Knowledge Path Library at the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation recently concluded the activities of the summer club in the governorates. The activities implemented in 5 governorates, namely Madaba, Balqa, Karak, Zarqa and Irbid, came with the aim to enable both children and adolescents reap the benefits of a widespread knowledge stemming from the library’s vast multiplicity of activities. The summer club aims primarily to utilize the participants’ with the most salient skills of the twenty-first century, such as communication, cooperation, and teamwork within a team, due to the Foundation's belief in the role of libraries in developing the skills of children and adolescents. The Chair of the Knowledge Path Library Department, Roaa Al-Halisi, accentuated that the number of children and adolescents who benefited from the extracurricular activities of the summer club in the five cities amounted to 359 boys and girls, highlighting that the approach adopted in the summer club paved the way for youth during the period of the Knowledge Path’s activities happened during June revolving around the center of preparing (An Investigator in the Library).The focus here is centered the essentials of the right approach in analyzing information and evidence to unfold the answers, indicating that children and adolescents learned through the activities the required abilities uoon the core of "skills for the twenty-first century" implied within the strategies of critical thinking in learning. Activities for the target groups included the Mrs. Herfa Clubs, Sensory Education, Inventors, Mr. Nayzak, and the Technology and Music Club. She indicated that the purpose of the activities implemented by the Knowledge Path Library is to create a self-aware generation capable of their potentiality to keep pace with what is happening around us in the world, noting in this regard the significance of the library in societies. What bears mentioning here is that the Knowledge Path is exemplified by the fact that it is not just a normal children’s library, but rather a vivid and free space where children find the room for exploring the world, unfolding the unknown, as well as practicing reading, and creative activities that excels at inspiring children, developing, and refining their innovative abilities by engaging them with a broad spectrum of cultural, artistic, and literary experiences stimulating their thoughts and feelings which help them figure out their own way of expressing themselves. Moreover, knowledge path library aims mainly at providing an imaginative, fruitful, and vital place for children wining the trust of their parents and achieving its goals. It is noteworthy that the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, The Arab Bank’s Cultural and Social Responsibility arm, is a non-profit organization that invests in knowledge, cultural and social creativity contributing to the advancement of societies in the Arab world through leadership, thought, literature, arts and innovation.