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They are film shows that take place every Tuesday evening, during these events, film screenings from different countries of the world take place.  The films are carefully selected and include classic masterpieces, modern, experimental, and artistic films, in addition to films that have attracted large numbers of movie pioneers from different backgrounds, social circles, and tastes, helping to introduce the audience to a variety of cinematic styles. Weekly screenings are usually accompanied by a written analysis of the film, and a discussion with the audience after the show. 

The first weekly show to take place was organized in November 1989. 

Film week is when a group of films that bear a specific common link is shown, such as films showcasing a certain country, director, or topic.  The films displayed are highly appraised and artistic movies.  Film week takes place three weeks out of every year. Filmmakers are invited to attend and engage with the audience after the show, making room for the local audience to participate in a cultural dialogue with the most prominent Arab artists and directors. 

The first film week was organized in 1992, and over the years more than 50 film weeks were held in partnership with diplomatic associations and Arab and international cultural centers, such as the National Center for Cinema in Egypt, the General Film Organization in Syria, the National Center for Cinema in Morocco, the French Cultural Center, Goethe-Institut, Russian Cultural Center, and others. Film weeks were also prearranged for important directors, such as Syrian director Muhammad Malas, Egyptian director Daoud Abdel Sayed, Palestinian director Michel Khleifi, and others. 


These are focused training in varying film fields.  Two workshops are held annually within the institution, and they aim to boost the capabilities of those interested in the film industry and further develop the film-making culture. The department selects topics that meet the needs and requirements of the current cinematic scene, and the training is taught by highly qualified Jordanian and Arab instructors to help young individuals expand their knowledge. 

Among the workshops offered in recent years: The "Art of Documentary Film Direction", which was presented by Algerian director Hamid Ben Amra. The "Cinematography and Lighting" workshop presented by the Director of Cinematography, Mr. Hanna Ward, and was held in cooperation with the Royal Film Commission. The workshop "How to read film?" Presented by film critic Mohamed Reda. "Digital Techniques in Contemporary Cinema" workshop, presented by Dr. Ahmed Al-Falih, and many others. 

Workshops are posted on social media, and a registration link is added for each training. (photo) 

Believing in the importance of creating a society interested in film and discussing the most prominent works of art, the Film Club was established at the beginning of the year 2021, to promote a society that believes in the importance of art in film and creating a dialogue around specialized cinematic topics, with the participation of interested youth, and presented by members of the Film Committee consisting of skilled and knowledgeable critics and journalists. One film topic is chosen at a time to be discussed in an interactive setting. 

Several topics were raised in this context, such as the author's cinema, the cinema of Mohamed Malas as a model, the green screen, color and lighting in the cinema, and others. 

Film content (movie of the month, cinematic publication) 

• Movie of the Month 

A monthly screening that presents educational film content in a rich format highlighting international film masterpieces, to enrich the Arab cinematic content on the Internet. The program is posted on the Foundation's social media accounts, for ease of access for young generations and cinema lovers. 

Film content (creative film scenes) 

A film publication that sheds light on creative film scenes by showing those scenes with a text explaining the areas of beauty and distinction. Visually and intellectually, Film is an art that depends mainly on the picture, and films contain many amazing and creative cinematic scenes that carry artistic and intellectual connotations and messages that make those scenes attached to memory and part of the generation’s culture.