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Knowledge Path Library 


Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation has an inherent belief in the value and importance of ingraining the love of reading early in children and turning it into a daily and fun activity that the children enjoy it also believes in the importance of reading and sharing compassionate and moral stories in stimulating children’s minds. As a result, the foundation revived its library for children and young adults at its main branch in Jabal Amman, and in 2018 opened another branch in the Achrafieh area for visitors in East Amman and the surrounding areas to enjoy the same privileges, programs, and services. 


Knowledge Path Library: 

The Knowledge Path Library, a part of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Cultural Foundation, is a children's library that opened its doors in 2013 for children and young adults from all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. The library aims to motivate and develop children and young adults' creativity through research, interactive reading, and inspired activities, in addition to exposing them to various artistic, cultural, and literary experiences to stimulate their thoughts and feelings and heighten their self-expression.  

To this purpose, the library serves as a creative, intellectual, and dynamic space for children and young adults, and a trusted source for parents. 


Knowledge Path Stations: 

The Knowledge Path journey opens from different starting points depending on the age group, to provide each stage with its basic needs: 


First Station: 

The first station is for young children between the ages of (0-3 years), and (3-6 years) and accompanied by a parent or adult family member. The visitors will experience storytelling, and singing their first tunes supported by their friends at the library, to put them on the path of knowledge and enhance their listening skills.  


Second Station (Darby): 

At this station, children aged (7-11 years) proceed to another station on our path, where they develop their skills through story reading, listening to storytellers, learning handicrafts, the basics of art, music, and songs, in addition to exploring the mysteries of science. 

Third station (Knowledge Path): 

The third station is for young adults aged (12-16 years) and is considered a critical stage, as it is when young adults discover different learning methods for gaining knowledge through research and asking the right questions. We will organize workshops that stimulate thought, creativity, and self-knowledge to help young adults achieve their goals. Participants will also engage in lively discussions and joint readings on notable books, while having lots of fun and entertainment using art, music, and other artistic activities to uncover their talents. 


Getting to Know the Library 


Library building 


• Knowledge Path in Jabal Amman: 

The Knowledge Path Library is split into three main areas: the children's area, the creativity corner where library activities take place, and the visitor’s free reading space. 


• Knowledge Path in Achrafieh: 

The Knowledge Path Library in Ashrafieh is split into two main areas: the free reading space for patrons, and the creativity corner where activities take place. 


Library Assets (Library contents): 

The library displays countless books targeted at children and young adults, comprised of stories, novels, magazines, and scientific books for ages 3 to 16 in Arabic, English, French and Turkish, in addition to many audiobooks. 

Knowledge Path Library Working hours: 

Jabal Amman Library:  Saturday to Thursday (9:00 am - 7:00 pm). 

Achrafieh Branch Library: Saturday to Thursday (10:00 AM - 5:30 PM). 

Library Membership Details 


The Knowledge Path Library allows children and young adults to become members within certain conditions. The library extends its services to guests and visitors under the supervision and assistance of staff and librarians to ensure a comfortable and ideal environment. The membership details are as follows: 


Membership and lending services 


  • Individual: Parents register their children individually with no need for parents to maintain membership in the public library. The membership fee for the first child is one JD and for each addition child from the same family half a JD, thus enabling each child to borrow 3 books at a time.  

  • Family: Parents who are members of the public library can register their children for free by adding their membership number to the registration form, thus enabling each child to borrow 3 books at a time. 

  • Junior Arabic: Children who are members of Junior Arabic can join the Knowledge Path library for free, and membership enables each child to borrow 5 books at a time. 


Membership Process Terms and Conditions: 


● The child’s guardian visits the library to fill out the membership form. 

● Please provide a valid personal ID, family book, or passport for guardians holding Jordanian citizenship, or a valid passport for non-Jordanians. 

● The membership fee for the first child in the family is only one Jordanian dinar, and half a dinar for each additional child within the same family, noting that membership is free for children whose parents are current members at the Shoman Public Library. 

● Upon reaching the age of sixteen, the membership is shifted to the public library. 


Membership Benefits: 


● Borrowing books from the library for a period of two weeks and can be extended to a month if needed. 

● Taking part in the library’s special events, such as the summer and winter clubs. 

● Participation in the Knowledge Path Library's competitions. 


Membership Cancellation: 

Parents can cancel their child's membership and receive a refund at any point after six months of membership have passed. 


Lending and Return Services: 

 Borrowing from the library inside Knowledge Path (additional information) 

 Borrowing from the online library 

Children and young adults can join as members and borrow from the Knowledge Path online library through: 

● Access the link to online library page. 

● Fill in the registration form. 

● An activation message will be sent to your online account once the membership is processed.  

● Children and adolescents can borrow one e-book for 14 days. 

"Knowledge Path Library" Facebook Group Page 

The library created a Facebook group page for the Knowledge Path Library to share information and facilitate access to activities and events for parents, thus keeping them informed and in constant contact with the library. Children joining the group can take part in the library’s online activities where Knowledge Path Users, parents, and staff convene.  

Facebook group page link: 


Welcoming Individuals and family visits 

The Knowledge Path Library for children and young adults welcomes visitors daily, during working hours. The library team has daily activities planned, such as storytelling, music, drawing, and puppet theatre. 

Storytelling and daily activities 

Storytelling began in 2013 mainly to encourage children and young adults to read and to improve their critical thinking skills, creative thinking, teamwork, and communication skills; In addition to building children’s confidence by integrating them into the discussion of the story being read. 

Knowledge Path offers storytelling at the library at least twice daily, for different age groups. 

For more information about the library’s monthly activities, parents can contact the library’s landline number or visit the library’s Facebook page. (Click here) 

Board games: 

The practice of combining learning with entertainment has always been one of the best methods used to make the most out of the educational experience. The library started the year 2020 with the introduction of weekly board game sessions; to provide its visitors with many benefits such as enhancing critical thinking and strategic analysis skills in addition to breaking the stereotypes associated with the library among children and adolescents. Board games are open to children ages 12-16. 

Bolstering lessons: 

The role of the Knowledge Path Library is not limited to providing certain services. Variety in learning ensures children receive the most benefit. To enhance learning the library resorted in the year 2020 to provide its members with school support classes. The classes are run by volunteers and supervised by a team invested in developing students’ knowledge in Arabic, English, French, and mathematics. 

For each session, registration details are announced and open for volunteers who wish to allocate their time in addition to sharing the enrollment process for all students who wish to join the classes. Students who apply and register are split into groups of 5, and class dates are decided on between the students and volunteers to ensure they work for all parties. 

Services for People with Disabilities 

Services for People with Disabilities (Visual & hearing impairment, physical disability): 

The services aim to provide equal opportunities for all library patrons and ensure their right to access full library services, programs, and facilities, the library setting, and services were improved as follows:  

• Availability of audiobooks for children with hearing impairments. 

• The availability of children's books in Braille for children with visual impairments. 

• The library and library entrances were made easily accessible for children with physical disabilities. 

How the service works: Library patrons can access the facilities by heading to the hall fitted with special tools and equipment and utilizing them with the support of the library staff available to assist as needed.  

Youth Forum: 

The Youth Forum launched in the year 2020 to encourage young adults to read by exposing them to different types of learning, and developing their analytical capabilities, in addition to increasing their ability to focus and heighten their critical thinking and communication skills. 


The forum holds a dialogue session once a month targeting youth between the ages of 12-16 to discuss a specific cause and analyze it from different viewpoints. 

Several sessions took place with varying topics such as: discussing a book from the series The Adventures of Ahmed Al-Akkad in the presence of the writer Abeer Al-Taher and discussing the book “The owner of the long shadow”.  In addition, a session was held to discuss a number of issues, such as the impact of reading on the life of the individual and society.

Reading clubs for children and young adults: 

The Children’s Readers’ Club was formed in 2018. The general work of the Reading Club is to exchange ideas from the book itself from several viewpoints.  The Knowledge Path Reading Club was initiated to encourage reading, enhance critical thinking, effective communication, develop and strengthen written and oral skills, and improve reflective and expressive capabilities. 

The Reading Club holds a weekly session for ages 7-11, and another session for ages 12-16, in which excerpts from previously selected books are read followed by a discussion and analysis of the book. 

It is worth noting that many books have been discussed in the book club over the years, for example, The Girl Who Doesn't Like Her Name, The Secret Garden, The Secret Inquisitor's Diary. 



Parent training sessions: 


The first step in developing children's abilities is their presence in an environment that nurtures creativity. To encourage this, the library set up workshops for parents to create an environment conducive to reading, that promotes love, thirst, and curiosity for knowledge among children. Over the years, The Knowledge Path Library held many sessions for the parents. 


Workshop information is posted on social media in addition to the registration date and deadline for online applications. For questions, parents can contact the Knowledge Path Library group on Facebook or call the library number. (link and library number)

Training and Workshops for Library Patrons: 

The Knowledge Path Library holds a series of workshops throughout the year for its patrons aged 7 to 11 years and 12 to 16 years. The workshop seeks to enhance creativity, critical thinking skills and support and develop self-discovery and communication competence. (Archives) 

The training is posted on social media. For questions, children can contact the Knowledge Path Library group page on Facebook or call the library number. 

Note: Here should be a sign of how to communicate, a mobile icon, or a WhatsApp sign. 

• Visits to schools, centers, and associations 

School visits 

The Knowledge Path Library welcomed school visits in 2013 and has since hosted 1165 schools. School visits take place daily during the morning hours. During the visits, the library offers movie screenings, storytelling, handicraft activities, music, and free reading, in addition to other activities.  

The aim and desired effect of these school visits are introducing children to the library and encouraging them to read; making the library a frequent place to visit and not just for a few hours. 

Centers and association visits: 

The Knowledge Path Library receives visits from centers and associations on Saturdays and in the morning, where various activities are carried out related to reading, arts, science, and many other cultural areas. 

Planning the visit: 

To plan visits to the library, please contact the landline number at least one week before, or contact the school reservations number 0790553792. 

Booking Signings: 

The Knowledge Path Library hosts writers throughout the year to sign their books or stories and interact with the library patrons. The book signings are planned to promote Jordanian and Arab authors and encourage library patrons to form a positive outlook on creative writing and to encourage them to read and write, while at the same time providing them with role models. 

Below are the names of the writers hosted in the Knowledge Path Library to publicize and sign their books for our dear patrons: (Archive) 

The process for writers to join, publicize and sign their book is as follows: The writer submits a copy of their story, then gives a presentation to the Knowledge Path team committee. The committee then approves the presentation if it fits the criteria of a successful and purposeful story. Following, the library will proceed to promote it among its patrons and the authors are contacted to coordinate the book signing event. 

Science Film Festival 

Add new material 

In 2014 the library kicked off an international science festival in cooperation with the Goethe Institute. The festival which is held every year aims to encourage children and young adults to explore and conduct research in fun scientific ways and present useful and entertaining scientific subjects to a wide audience. The festival is held in several governates around Jordan: Amman, Karak, Madaba, Irbid, Jerash, Salt, Zarqa, South Shouneh, and Aqaba. (Archives) 

Innovation Studio 

The Innovation Studio is one of the widest spaces concerned with the scientific development of the child. The Science and Innovation Studio provides training programs that encourage children to think outside the box, in addition to developing mental skills and finding ways to develop their creativity. The program sets out with a scientific research journey and learning the basics of Scientific research to achieve innovation. 

Some of the tools that the child needs, and the studio works on developing, is critical thinking, direction, and guiding a child’s curiosity to experiment and research to gain wide knowledge. Joining the studio is considered a valuable opportunity for the child, because it provides a safe space for them to develop their skills, in addition to presenting future opportunities through training on scientific research and sourcing information from different places, in addition to applying Scientific experiments, that enhances their acquired knowledge, connects them to society, and contributes to solving the problem of (community innovation). 

This program intends to make innovation a part of young adult’s lives and support future creativity and innovation. 

Young Innovators Lab 

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation launched the Young Innovators Lab to provide a scientific and practical space for the development of innovation, critical thinking, and logical analysis in children, the lab aims to develop the skills of children and adolescents aged (10-13 years), by conducting experiments and scientific projects through specialized workshops. 


Simple scientific experiments are used to convey the concept of critical thinking and reach conclusions, and this is followed by experimenting with electrical and electronic testing. Students are also introduced to electronic bags (microcontrollers) for practical life applications, and innovators in the final stages are asked to complete projects using these bags. 

The Young Innovators Lab is supervised by a group of passionate university students who work to stimulate thinking and analysis and provide support and direction during all stages leading up to project production, focusing on transferring skills, not knowledge. 

The duration of the program is 8 months and takes place during weekends, excluding the final exams period, and it includes a series of workshops and experiments that encourage critical and creative thinking. 

Model United Nations Conference Program 

The Model United Nations Youth Program comes as a great opportunity for young people to promote dialogue, bring about change and call for world peace through discussions and working papers on global issues, and seeking to find appropriate solutions to these issues. During the conference sessions, participants are divided into several councils managed in Arabic and English., These councils are supervised by many delegates, each representing a specific country and its views. (Archives) 

Science Teachers Camp: 

The library strongly believes in the role of teachers in raising the bar for science and curricula and promoting a culture of dialogue and the dissemination of knowledge. This led to the establishment of the Science Teachers Camp which was first held in 2016 and takes place annually to introduce science teachers to unconventional teaching tools. (Archives) 

The event is a week-long intensive training camp that is held in partnership with the Ministry of Education and targets science teachers from public schools to enhance their skills in simplifying information in the classroom and employing appropriate tools to develop students' thinking skills. The camp works together with teachers to put together a system that helps students learn within a safe space that allows for trial and error through unconventional learning methods and tools that are based on knowledge related to experience, analysis, and conclusion, thus enhancing students’ critical thinking skills.  

The registration process for teachers: Registration is open to all science teachers to participate in this unconventional educational training program taking place over 5 days. Upon completion of the training, the teaching tools competition is announced, where each teacher or group of teachers presents a simple teaching tool to the jury, to come up with 3 winners. 

Science Teachers Camp Competition for Unconventional Teaching Tools: 

The competition, which takes place at the end of the 5-day training program, coaches science teachers on the foundations of unconventional teaching methods and designing and developing alternative teaching tools that can be used to relay curriculum material in a way that allows students to better grasp the lesson, and at the same time honors innovative teachers for designing these tools. 

Several teachers who joined the Science Teachers Camp for unconventional education participated in the competition, where they worked on developing tools and testing them in the classroom before applying for the competition, during the first semester of the current academic year. 

The two winning tools are selected according to a set of criteria; Including the accuracy of the tool’s design, the simplicity and richness of the tools, low manufacturing cost, ease of use by other teachers, and the extent to which it encourages thinking, as a contribution to self-learning, and as characterized by the award criteria as an unconventional education tool that pushes the recipient towards thinking and engaging and learning, and the possibility of expanding the use of the tool, and employing it in different ways within the same field. (Archives). 

Reading Competition 

Reading competition 16 to 16: 

The library launched this program in 2018 to encourage reading and enhance critical and creative thinking in young adults. The competition is held every year between October and December and is open to children and young adults between the ages of 7-11 and 12-16 years, to read 16 books and summarize them in the notebook designated for this competition. This is followed by oral interviews for the ten finalists from each category, next comes the announcement of the winners for first, second, and third places for each category, and awarding of prizes. (Archives) 

Summer & Winter Clubs 

Summer & Winter Clubs 

The Library launched its summer and winter clubs in 2014, for its great impact on children, in encouraging the habit of reading and the love of libraries, in addition to providing them with competencies such as independence, participation, teamwork, fostering friendships, and accepting the other, and developing critical and creative thinking skills.  The club also had a positive impact on parents and society, by getting parents involved in the educational process through training workshops and the hosting of Jordanian and Arab writers, this led to an increase in their learning abilities and improved problem-solving skills.  

The club also opened the door for cooperation with various local community institutions, offering them free of charge to make it inclusive for different parts of society to participate and gain access to equal opportunities in Amman and the governorates. Several clubs were formed in the following libraries: Emaar Irbid Library, Jerash Municipal Library, Mafraq Municipal Library, Madaba Municipal Library, Karak Creativity Club, Allan Library. 

Over the years, these clubs were a way for children and their families to travel around the world, and learn about different cultures and customs, in addition to entering imaginary worlds filled with fascinating characters similar to the ones Alice met when she traveled to the place, she called Wonderland.  

In line with what was happening in the world, the clubs were transformed into hybrid clubs, to ensure no child missed out on this experience, whether in Jordan or other parts of the world. Since 2020, all our activities are live-streamed (online) for everyone to learn and enjoy as if they were present inside the library walls.  


To access past events, please click on the following links: 




Activating the School Libraries and Governorates 

This program was administered throughout the academic year, where the library hosted school librarians at their premises and trained them on the various services and programs offered by the library, so that they can implement them in the libraries at their schools, with the support and supervision of the Knowledge Path team. 


The program aims to exchange experiences between all parties, develop the skills of library staff, and activate school libraries by training teachers and librarians on how to choose appropriate stories for different age groups,  in addition to designing and implementing activities for various age groups, and how to read stories interactively, and linking the library to the school curricula, as well as planning attractive and meaningful programs aimed at attracting male and female students to the school library, and finding interactive ways to involve parents in the educational process, to transform the school library into a community library. 


Activating Governate Libraries 

The idea behind the program is to provide public libraries with books and materials necessary for their development and to cooperate with them in implementing several Knowledge Path Library programs such as the Reading Competition or the Science Film Festival. The first collaboration in 2020 was a reading competition 16 to 16 with the Karak Creativity Center and took place in Karak Governorate. 


Note: You must know the details of the governorate libraries’ communication with the Foundation and include them within the details here. 




A Night at the Library 

This unique event is a new addition to the interactive activities offered by the Foundation. You can read about this night and know the details of registration and the events held by clicking on the following link: