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Abdul Hameed Shoman Scientific Research Support Fund

In line with the vision of AHSF in encouraging scientific research and researchers, Abdul Hameed Shoman Scientific Research Support Fund was established in 1999 to support applied scientific research that has an added value and conducted by researchers in Jordan. The fund also aims to encourage scientific research contributions within Higher Education and Scientific Institutions as well as collaborative research between international and national research centers.

 The Fund supports researchers working in scientific and research centers in Jordan who tackle topics that address the needs of the Jordanian community and industry; contribute to facing local development, economic, social, and environmental challenges; and produce innovative models and solutions that meet local needs in the following fields:  Medical & Health Sciences; Green Technology and Environmental Sustainability; Engineering Sciences ; Food Security and Agricultural Technology; Economic Growth and Competitiveness; Education Methodologies and tools; Basic Sciences; Culture, Arts, and Humanitarian and Social Sciences.

- Objectives:

Supporting applied scientific research of added value, carried out by researchers in Jordan, and leading to innovative solutions.

  • Encouraging scientific and research participation in higher education institutions, as well as cooperation with national and international research centers.
  • Directing researchers to address topics that would meet the needs of the Jordanian society and contribute to tackling local, economic, social and environmental challenges.

- Management:

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Scientific Research Fund is managed by the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s scientific research Department. It is governed by a set of regulations, instructions and procedures and under the supervision of a special management committee, composed of a chairman and five members, including a selection of academics and researchers from universities, scientific and research institutions, and market experts. 

- Applicants’ Terms and Conditions

  • The applicant must be a resident of Jordan, regardless of their nationality.
  • The applicant must be working in a scientific, research or academic institution or center in Jordan.

- Project’s Terms and Conditions

  • The project must be within Jordan’s Scientific Research National Priorities.
  • The project must be in line with the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s objectives and orientations in supporting scientific research.
  • The submitted research project must constitute an added value and thus, have a practical side.
  • A Master or Ph.D. theses, or graduation projects are not entitled to be submitted in this respect.
  • The "Research Project Funding Request Form" must be submitted through the scientific or academic institution.

- General Provisions

  • The support provided by the Abdul Hameed Shoman Scientific Research Support Fund shall be limited to the scientific research project-related expenditure and expenses and thus, shall not involve any recurrent administrative expenditure.
  • The researcher shall submit a technical and financial report at the end of each research stage, along with a final report on the agreed date of completion of the project, accompanied by the scientific work accomplished in this respect.
  • Upon completion, the ownership of the scientific research results shall belong to the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, research institution, and researcher(s) in equal proportions.
  • The ownership of the equipment used in the research shall belong to the scientific institution to which the researcher/researchers belongs/belong to ensure utmost benefit therefrom.

For more information, please refer to Abdul Hameed Shoman Scientific Research Fund Bylaws and Executive Instructions.

Process for applying for Support from the Abdul Hameed Shoman Scientific Research Fund:

For more information:

Please contact 0096264645150, extension: 134


Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation (AHSF) is proud to present to you this edition of the “Abdul Hameed Shoman Scientific Research Support Fund – Published Research Booklet”.

Between 2000 and April 2020, our Fund provided over 1.6 Million Jordanian Dinars as direct support and leveraged over a quarter a million as contributions from Jordanian academic and research institutions in support of scientific research. This support went to 129 research projects from 17 Institutions in Jordan and resulted in 111 published research papers in peer-reviewed journals. The supported research projects fall under various fields, namely; Medical & Health Sciences, Green Technology, and Environmental Sustainability, Food Security and Agriculture Technology, Engineering Sciences, Economic Growth and Competitiveness, Culture, Arts, and Humanitarian and Social Sciences and Basic Sciences. 

Published research is indeed a major player in knowledge enhancement and dissemination. Science-based policymaking continues to be key in shaping the future of nations and socio-economic agendas for both the public and private sectors. Through compiling and sharing this booklet, AHSF seeks to inform policy-makers, business leaders, and civil society organizations of research outputs; hoping that they capture key messages and tools to improve the quality of life in Jordan and advance further research and development in various sectors.

Today, we aspire to maximize our Fund’s impact and focus its support on enabling scientific innovation through encouraging more applied and joint research, strengthening linkages with industry and other stakeholders, as well as tackling local socio-economic and environmental needs.

AHSF holds its promise to continue to support scientific research and innovation and to enabling a stronger impact through a distinguished community of scientists and researchers.


The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s profound appreciation goes to researchers and partner institutions for allowing us to contribute to Jordan’s scientific research achievements.

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